Essential Virgin Hair Extension Care and Maintenance

Jan 30th 2018

It may not be your "real" hair, but you certainly want it to appear that way. So even though your virgin hair extension may not be your own living, growing hair, it still requires careful attention and regular maintenance just like your "real" hair. And that maintenance is even more critical for your extensions when it comes to body, luster, and longevity.


The first step in a solid extension-maintenance regimen is detangling. You should always ensure that the hair is free of tangles and snares before shampooing.

This detangling process involves the use of a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush and some very gentle combing strokes. You do not want to use one long stroke that sweeps from top to bottom of the extension. Rather, you should comb in small incremental sections, using short strokes, from the bottom up to avoid excessive stress and pulling. Also, avoid combing/brushing the hair when it's wet because that is when the follicles are most vulnerable.


Shampooing should be done at least once a week (depending on texture, perspiration, and environmental conditions) and should always be done with warm water only. It's also best to wash extensions with a moisturizing shampoo.

For best results and least stress on the hair, wash, condition, and rinse in a gentle downward motion, working form top to bottom. And never scrub or bunch the hair together, avoiding any motion that causes excessive friction. For best results and long life of your extension, be sure to use sulfate-free shampoos, preferably organic products. Rinse after each wash, and wash a maximum of two times.

Again, apply and work in conditioner gently from top to bottom. Even better than using commercial conditioners (with the inevitable chemicals) is to use natural oils such as almond or coconut to achieve the conditioning effects. These oils will penetrate deeper and help moisturize the extension hair.

Moisturizing/Deep Conditioning

Here's where many women fall short in caring for their virgin hair extensions. But you shouldn't neglect this step because just as your outer layer of skin needs moisturizing, so does the hair in your extensions.

Keeping the hair in top shape requires the use of a deep conditioner or application of a hot-oil treatment about twice a month – especially if the hair has been chemically treated to alter color or if you use irons or wands on it. In addition, hair experts recommend that you moisturize with a natural oil two to three times a week. You can use argan oil as a finisher for styling and frizz, and you can use almond or coconut oil for deeper, more through moisturizing.

Although your Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair extension may not be your "real" hair, it still requires care and maintenance. And we have the hair-care products you need to do the job right, to have beautiful,